Roof Repair - New Roof on Quitman St in Westminster CO Insurance Claim 303 913 6397

New Roof on Quitman St in Westminster CO Insurance Claim 303 913 6397

New Roof on Quitman St in Westminster CO Insurance Claim 303 913 6397
GAF and CertainTeed are the two largest shingle and roofing material manufacturers in the USA.
Find a GAF Master Elite™ or a CertainTeed Premier roofing contractor.
Check the Better Business Bureau report for your prospective factory-certified roofing contractor.
Avoid roofing contractors with less than an ‘A-‘ rating. A company can be rated an ‘A-‘ minus simply because of the limited length of time in operation, but have an otherwise excellent track record.
Ask for references from other homeowner’s in your area for jobs within the past year.
Reputable roofing contractors should have dozens and dozens of homeowner’s references.
Request a copy of the contractor’s professional State license and local business license.
Request a copy of the roofing contractors Certificate of Liability Insurance.
Minimum coverage limits should be $1 million General Liability, $1 million Personal Injury and $500,000 for Worker’s Compensation. Higher limits are desirable. Roofing work is dangerous and you don’t want an injured worker suing you or some other accident claim going against your homeowner’s insurance. Call the insurance agency listed on the certificate to verify the policy is in force and the coverage limits are accurate.
Dishonest roofing contractors will quickly open & close business under new names (or disappear altogether) in an effort to distance themselves from a poor reputation, unpaid bills and lawsuits. Should the roofing contractor not pay the subcontractor, the subcontractor may file a mechanics lien against your home for the unpaid labor and materials. If this happens, you will not be able to sell your home until the lien is paid.
Ask if the roofing contractor uses the same work crews and how they train their work crews.
The workmen on your roof will most always be subcontractors. The busier roofing contractors will be able to retain the same work crews. Visit the company office and ask to see a copy of their roofing manual which sets the standards of competency, workmanship and quality.
Ask who will be the Job Supervisor.
The job supervisor will be your point of contact for any questions and issues. You should have the supervisor’s business card with cell phone number and e-mail address. The supervisor should be at the job site at least once each day for quality inspections during and after the job is complete.
The supervisor for my roof was there when work began, walked the roof each day, took photos and reviewed the photos and progress with me. When the job was finished, the roofing crew waited for 30 minutes while the supervisor walked the roof, lifting shingles to verify the roofing materials were install correctly. The supervisor had the roofing crew replace a couple of marred shingles in a high traffic area and make a few minor touchups with paint and caulking. The supervisor then reviewed the final photos with me and asked if I had any questions or saw something that needed attention. Only then was the work crew released.
Ask to see a copy of the roofing contract to read the fine print.
A good contract should include a “Standards of Performance” which states among other things, that the contractor will not nail toe boards through your shingles, kick-outs will be installed at all corners, flashing installation requirements, the crew will not walk or step on your gutters, the job site will be cleaned up at the end of each day, etc.
How long will it take to replace the roof?
This is seemingly innocuous question can be a red flag. If one roofer says he’ll bring a crew of 15 men and do the job in a day or two at most, while the other roofing contractors says 7 or 8 men will require at least 3 days (weather permitting), immediately disqualify the roofer who says he can do it in a day. Why? Because the roofer with 15 men won’t be focused on quality and will cut corners because he’s in a hurry to finish the job and get paid. 15 men on my roof would be in each others way and they’d probably working well past sunset in the dark. Do you really want that for non-emergency repairs? BTW, my roof required 8 men working for 3-1/2 days to replace the roof – but my roof has complicated lines and features.
Roofing Inspection and Contract Negotiations


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