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Your Guide to Buying Windows & Doors

You’ve finally decided to do it. To replace those old, worn windows and buy some beautiful new replacement windows. All we can say is… happy dance! We are excited for you! And we appreciate you choosing us to help you in this process. Here are some things you should know.

How can windows and doors transform my home?
Windows transform your home on the inside and the outside. Not only do they add amazing curb appeal, but a home with new vinyl windows exude an upscale quality.

So much more than a pretty face.

  • Windows not only add incredible beauty to a home. They do so much more. They also:
  • Increase your resale value
  • Make your home more energy efficient
  • Shut out noise
  • Protect your furniture and floors from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays
  • Keep you safe.

What should I expect from a timing and budget perspective?

Simonton Guide To Buying Windows & Doors What Should I Expect From a Timing & Budget Perspective

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much it will cost to install a window in your home. Because there are so many variables, it’s impossible to even guess. Depending on your location, the installer, and how many custom things you have done, (color, grids, hardware, etc.), the range is wide.

But we can speak to timing. Most people have their windows installed in the spring or fall. This makes sense considering how many homeowners put off purchasing replacement windows. It finally gets to the point when they either say, “I can’t go through another winter with these windows!” or “That was the worst winter ever. We need to have our windows replaced now that the weather is warm!” But honestly? You can have your windows replaced any time of year.

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