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Commercial Roof Coatings in Westminster, Thornton & Nearby

Eliminate the need for re-roofing with a watertight roof coating for your property

If your building's roof is leaking or damaged, total roof replacement may not be the only option. Many kinds of roof coatings are available that can increase the longevity of your roof without the cost and stress of re-roofing.  

Energy Star Exteriors specializes in roof coatings for commercial properties. We have outstanding products that can save a building owner half the cost of a re-roof with the same warranty.

Our commercial roofing services are available throughout Denver Metro - contact us today to request an estimate and discover if a roof coating is the right option for your property.

The main types of commercial roof coatings

Roof coatings are essentially membranes that seal the entire roof underneath, restoring the roof and protecting it against severe weather and UV rays. They are directly installed on the existing roof's surface and are usually liquid-applied. The four most popular types are:

  • Silicone: Ideal for areas with high temperatures and UV exposure, silicone roof coatings are most often used on SPF roofs.  
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a low toxicity and low flammability roof coating available in a wide variety of colors. 
  • Foam: An extremely energy efficient and cost-effective option, foam roof coatings are used on built-up or single-ply roofing systems.
  • Thermoplastic: Also called SEBS rubber coatings, thermoplastic elastomers were specifically designed as an affordable coating for metal roofs.

Energy Star Exteriors is skilled in installing all kinds of roof coatings from manufactures such as Gaco and American WeatherStar. Talk to one of our professionals to discover which product is best for your needs.


Since 1955, Gaco Western has manufactured exceptional waterproofing and insulating products. Gaco Wesern is also a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems. This family-owned company was built on three fundamental principles: superior products, sold by experts at competitive prices.

No need to re-roof, just re-cover!

No matter if your roof is slanted or flat, large or small, Gaco has got you covered. 

GacoFlex Silicone System is a water resistant and insulation material used to help protect your roof even through ponding water. It also comes in Solvent Free, using a monolithic system to create a seamless surface.

Product Features:

  • Renews your roof, makes any old roof look new.
  • Extends the life of the roof. Creates more time between roof replacements.
  • Efficient friendly, reducing energy costs and increases the R Value.
  • Works on all types of roof shapes and sizes.
  • Can be used as a re-coat.
  • Guaranteed performance.
  • Less roof material waste in landfills, due to the extended life of the roof.
  • Provides UV protection with a highly reflective surface. 
  • Varied thickness allows you to create slopes for optimal drainage where needed.

Since 2004, American Weatherstar has become an established figure in the commercial roofing industry. With a full line of roof coating products for flat and metal commercial roofing systems, we can help repair your roof and increasing it's overall lifespan.

American Weatherstar Flat Roof Restoration System

American Weatherstar has created a special flat roof coating system that is a game changer in your commercial roof's lifespan.

Features Include:

  • Lower energy costs, due to reflective surface
  • No expensive roof replacements
  • Lower repair costs 
  • Less ends up in a landfill
  • Strong adherence to current roof
  • Can endure all types of weather and ponding water
  • Installation won't interrupt business hours or operations
  • Tax deductible

How these products can benefit your property

On top of protecting your roof and increasing its lifespan, roof coatings can positively impact your property in other ways. Avoiding tear-offs and roof replacement is an excellent way to save money, and our roof coatings are half as costly as these roofing services. Additionally, the reflective properties of certain coatings such as silicone can help reduce energy costs by keeping your roof's temperature down.

Get started with a written estimate

If your property has a damaged low-sloped, flat, or other style roof, let the experts at Energy Star Exteriors determine if a roof coating might work for you. We offer detailed, written cost estimates to commercial property owners in Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, Boulder, Littleton, Fort Collins, Denver, Longmont, Greeley, Englewood, and areas nearby - schedule yours today!

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