Homeowners' Checklist for dealing with roofing contractors

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Homeowners’ Checklist for dealing with roofing contractors

# Check the Better Business Bureau on-line. Look at reviews and complaints.
# Check Angie’s List on-line. Are they a member?
# Do a Google search of the company’s name. Many times complaints will show up on other sites.
# Is the contractor knowledgeable about the work to be done?
# For insurance claims, can the contractor manage the entire claim. If your home has roof, window, and siding damage make sure the contractor can do all the work. Many roofing companies will do the roof which is the larger, more profitable part of the claim and leave the homeowner out on a limb to find someone who is willing to do the less profitable parts of the claim. (This is very important)
# Is the contractor licensed?
# Are they local. When an area has major storm, damage “storm chasers” come out of the woodwork from all over the country. -Here Today… Gone Tomorrow- If you have an issue with the work who do you call?
# When can they complete the job? It is common for many companies to take on more business than the can manage and it may take months to complete you project. Do they have references? Many times you can find them on-line like the BBB site.
# What is their guarantee and/or warranty? Material and workmanship!
# Make sure everything that is promised is in writing. If it’s not on the contract it may not -will not- get done.
# Does the contractor have liability insurance?
# Is there a 3 day right of rescission in their contract?
# Are they pulling permits?
# Materials and work to be done must be listed on the contract.
# Does the salesperson supervise their jobs? Many times after you sign a contract the salesperson disappears and you have no one managing your project.
# How long has the salesperson been in the home improvement industry? What is their knowledge of the project being done?
# Do they protect your personal property and landscaping?
# Do they clean up and haul off all job related debris?
# After checking them out, trust your gut feeling. If you are not completely comfortable with anything, take your time and find someone you can trust. This might require an in-person interview, also known as a “free inspection”. The bottom line is: do your homework. Your home is a very valuable investment and should be treated as an investment. Call us today for a free inspection and quote

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